Labelling Systems

Automatic labellers with and without print module

Labelling machines will automatically label products and packaging of all kinds. Weber Packaging Solutions manufactures professional labelling systems to meet the most stringent demands of logistics and industry. We also develop customised solutions for specific applications. Please contact us for a personal consultation!

  • For all shapes, sizes and surfaces
  • Simple integration into production lines
  • Modular design for increased flexibility
  • 2 in 1: printing and dispensing labels
  • Linking to external databases
  • Service incl. assembly / commissioning

What are your labelling options?

Whether your product is square, round, oval or conical our labelling systems will label virtually any product. This also includes flexible containers, cartons, bags, packages, trays and pallets. We offer solutions for all sizes and surfaces – from glass, wood and plastic via paper and to steel. We can also meet the all the challenges that your industry might encounter.


Change of format

From all sides

GS1 compliant

Critical Surfaces

Label reliability

High Speed

Different Spacing

Arbitrary Heights



Tandem Operation

Long Run Times

Protective Enclosure


Cylindrical Products

All-round labelling

Labelling machine manufacturer Weber Packaging Solutions – ‘Made in Germany – Supplied and supported in Ireland’

Our labelling technology is designed and manufactured by Weber in Germany. We develop, build and produce all the labelling systems in our own competency centre facility in Rheinbreitbach (Rhineland-Palatinate). We work closely with our customers and partners to meet market demands as they develop. The experience we have gained over many years allows us to handle all product sizes, shapes and surfaces at all production rates. This is based mainly on our modular designs comprising dispensing and printing modules, label winders and unwinders and a large number of special applicators. The systems produce labels that are compliant with EU directives. They offer high print quality, good legibility and speeds up to 600 labels per minute. Our machines will accurately position labels on delicate products without making contact. Challenging production conditions such as cold, heat, moisture and dust are typically found in industry. Our systems are particularly robust and can also be designed with suitable protective enclosures. We will also offer special machine designs to meet highly specific demands. The modular design of our Geset labelling machines allows us to react flexibly to individual requests whilst also using standard modules.

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Accessories for labelling machines

Weber Marking Systems will supply consumables and supplementary products for efficient labelling: