Weber LA2050 – Compact Entry Level Print & Apply

The compact and low-cost LA2050 label print and apply system is designed for automated print and apply processes on a production line. It can also be used in semi-automatic mode where automatic label application is not required with the system being used as a label print and dispense system, with label application initiated manually by the operator.

The compact and low-cost LA2050 label print and apply system is designed for automated print and apply processes on a production line. It can also be used in semi-automatic mode where automatic label application is not required with the system being used as a label print and dispense system, with label application initiated manually by the operator.

Utilising the award winning features of the Sato CLNX4, the LA2050 works with many programming languages such as ZPL, DPL, IPL, and TPL without having to change any settings. Printer Errors are easily diagnosed with the messaging system on the printer panel, the user can view
a video on the printer display, showing how the error can be corrected. The LA2050 can print small labels from 40 x 30mm up to labels in DIN A6 format and bigger and then applies them in their precise position. Application rates of 25 labels per minute with a label format of 80 x 60 mm can be achieved without any problems. Higher dispenser speeds can be achieved, depending on the label material, format, and application.

The LA2050 is a robust system offering maximum performance with a small compact footprint and a highly efficient low energy tamp blow applicator for non-contact labelling. A variable stroke provides for automatic labelling of products of varying heights.

The LA2050 is a compact reliable work horse. The robust applicator with Festo pneumatics and recirculating ball bearing system provides a durable composite design and guarantees labelling accuracy. A 218mm diameter label roll allows the LA2050 to exceed the performance of  similar competitive systems with reduced label roll changes saving up to 20% in operator intervention.

The print ribbon length of 600 meters ensures that the labeller can perform continuous label printing over longer periods of time. If the ribbon or labels have to be changed, this is carried out quickly and easily due to the modular design and ease of access to the printer mechanism.

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