Chemical & GHS Labels

Weber has the special adhesive-coated, high performance film labels to meet your chemical drum and pail labelling needs. We also have labels that meet GHS and BS-5609 compliance standards and drum reconditioning procedures.

When you are printing labels in-house, please ensure you use the right chemical-resistant variable-imprint label materials that are compatible with direct-thermal, thermal-transfer and inkjet print technologies. We can help you make the right label choices as well as guide you in choosing the best printer for your application.

Chemical Label Tips

Be sure your labels are UV and chemical resistant; the label inks and coatings should resist fading or blurring when exposed to direct sunlight or chemicals inside the container.
• Special film labels resist chemical spills and last longer than standard film or paper labels.

• GHS labels require special hazard symbols that must be printed in red ink to comply with new GHS guidelines.
• Contact Weber for more information and help meeting the requirements of the new GHS chemical label mandate.

The New GHS Compliant Labels
GHS label pictogram chartThe new labels must include six parts:

  1. Product Identifier
  2. Signal Word
  3. Hazard Statements
  4. Precautionary Statements
  5. Supplier Identification
  6. Pictograms

This change will not only promote a safer work environment but also make American companies globally competitive since many other countries around the world already require GHS labelling.

What will be difficult for chemical manufacturers and users is the fact that they may not be able to use just one template for multiple products.  Every pictogram needs to have a red border and each one needs to contain only one of the nine designated symbols.

For example, they cannot use a pre-printed label with nine empty red diamonds and then imprint only the symbols on-site or even “cross out” those that do not apply.  Those who are used to printing variable information in black may now need a colour printer to handle those changes.