Automotive Parts Labels

Heavy-duty labels that look good

Labels used in the automotive parts industry have to be tough to stand up to the harsh environments where they are used, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look good too.

Bright, colourful consumer parts labels need to add life and value to your packaging. While OEM parts need durable labels for identification, dating and usage information, and because parts counterfeiting is a problem, security labels are needed to assure customers that they are getting original manufacturer-quality products.

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Durable, UL-listed vinyl and polyester label facesheet and adhesive combinations make your label work for demanding, long-term applications. Overt security and authentication labels that use fracturable materials (destructible labels), messaging adhesives and holographic images keep your brand safe from counterfeiting. Unique, high-track tyre tread labels are available for auto-apply applications, including the ability to variable- imprint the product part number, UTQG rating and other information.


  • Labels need to be eye-catching to compete on the shelf in automotive storerooms
  • Many new parts are packaged in clear clamshells so the parts are visible
  • A good looking label adds to the brand awareness
  • Labels can be wrapped around the container as a closure for tamper-evident safety