Manufacturing & Logistic Labels

Identify your products for storage and shipping

Using barcode labels to track and organise your manufacturing process is essential to your company. The labels need to stand up to harsh environments, abrasion, chemicals and rough handling.

Weber matches your label requirements to the right materials and adhesives to ensure your labels are legible and stay put when applied. By branding these labels with your logo or specific colours, you increase your marketing reach. From shipping labels to work-in-progress and rating plate labels, we can help you choose the right label and help you automate your label application.

RFID Smart Labels


Manufacturing Label Tips


  • A variety of thermal-transfer and direct-thermal printing options are available for adding variable data on all applications, from incoming inspection to shipment or storage of finished goods.
  • Use durable label materials and adhesives to help your labels last longer under harsh conditions.
  • Multiple die cuts on a label allow information to be transferred from master label to smaller products or quality control paperwork.
  • Metalized label material works best for rating plates and other industrial applications such as motors.


  • Custom pre-printed labels that include your logo give your product a professional appearance.
  • You can add a laminate or spot varnish to areas of your label to highlight specific features.
  • QR codes can be used on your labels to make it easier to re-order your products from a website.