Barcode Scanning

Weber understands that barcodes have become the universal language of industry. Barcode scanning offers a fast, accurate method of shipping and receiving, counting inventory, picking orders, tracking products and exchanging information with trading partners.

As your bar code expert, Weber carries the most advanced data capture equipment available for your application, including portable and stationary data capture terminals, as well as on-line and off-line bar code verification equipment.

Find out how Weber’s data capture capabilities can help you meet today’s bar code labelling needs and read our overview of the different types of Scanners

Handheld – Commonly used in situations where the operator must scan a large number of items in varying shapes or sizes. These devices be used to scan codes at a distance, e.g. a pallet stored on the top shelf of a warehouse rack. This means the user does not need to have the item directly in front of them in order to scan it, saving them the time and effort of obtaining better access.

Cordless – Allows the operator to capture data up to a 15 metres from the scanner’s cradle, using Bluetooth or Wireless technology to transmit scanned information to a defined work station. This gives greater mobility  for the user when scanning, whilst remaining connected to their work station. Perfect for use in a retail, healthcare or industrial environment.

Handheld – This type of scanner is typically used where accurate and unattended data entry is required. Different variations of fixed position scanners can be used for scanning items at a long or short working distance, allowing greater flexibility depending on your business’ needs. Barcodes can be read accurately the first time without needing to be perfectly lined up with the scanner.



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