3 Reasons You Need an Internal LPN Track & Trace System

Every day, more and more people shop online. As a result, companies have to adapt to the processes related to LPN track & trace. Customers want their online purchases to be shipped quickly. At the same time, sellers want accurate and fast delivery.

This shift to online shopping represents an increase in the need for real-time storage management and a decrease in the margin of error and delay in the order and shipment processes. With an internal LPN track & trace system, you can speed up the process and obtain information on your stock in real time, allowing you to provide the desired service to your customers.


What is an Internal LPN track & trace system?

An internal LPN Track & Trace system can be used for a host of different processes. When you link different processes together, you can get real-time information about your stock, merchandise positioning and order status.


How Does Labelling with a License Plate Number (LPN) Work?

The packaging from the product such as a box, a floating pack, or a plastic bag, is labelled with an LPN label. An LPN label is a label with a unique number that belongs to a single pallet or box. The License Plate number is therefore linked to information relevant to the shipment of the package, such as lotus numbers or important dates.

When the LPN tag is scanned anywhere in the warehouse, the person concerned can find out exactly where they need to go. When it comes to fast-moving consumer goods or packaged consumer goods, an LPN label is the primary means of. Consequently, the LPN label is numbered and can be stuck around the corners. As a result, the LPN number label is double-sided and the package is easily manageable. For pallets, the shipping labels can be applied on all 4 sides.


How Does The LPN Track & Trace System Work In Practice?

LPN labels are applied to pallets, crates and external boxes so products can be identified on arrival and tracked until they leave the warehouse. The LPN label can also be applied to boxes during order processing or shipping. This makes order picking easier and the shipping line automatically knows which shipping label to attach.


LPN in the Management of Storage and Warehousing

The LPN label is crucial for accurate warehouse management in a distribution center, as a high volume of boxes and pallets enter and leave every day. A Track & Trace LPN system improves the speed of goods processing by offering real-time information on storage.

In large distribution centers, the LPN label is the primary identification of the package to be shipped. It contains all the necessary details about the package and activates the logistics system to trace the correct information from the warehouse management system. The labeling system then automatically prints a second label with the shipping information and applies it to the package, which can finally leave the warehouse.


LPN Labelling Increases Speed

The high speed of order processing requires labeling systems that are capable of applying labels to boxes at great speeds. The Alpha HSM Label Applicator can apply pre-printed LPN labels at speeds of up to 2000 labels per hour. For packages with variable height, Weber Marking Systems has developed the LA6000 high-speed system. This Print & Apply system. The LA6000 is designed to apply shipping labels or LPN labels as it can apply pre-printed labels or white labels on products at differing heights.


LPN Streamlines the Ordering & Shipping Process

When there are so many orders to process, it is wise to optimize the processing and their shipping process through an LPN track & trace system. This ensures that empty boxes tagged with an LPN label are assigned to an order and that order can be handled much more easily, and can be taken out of stock and shipped automatically.

Kleertjes.com is a clothing site for children and babies. To increase the speed of order shipment they use an internal track & trace system via LPN. A white box or outer packaging is provided with an LPN label. An order is linked to this label. The box continues its way up to order detection, both manually and automatically.

When the box is filled with products, it is ready to go to the shipping line. The LPN label communicates with the warehouse management system and tells you where to send the box. It prints a shipping label and automatically applies it.

The Alpha Compact Label Applicator is used to apply a pre-printed License Plate Number on the box while the system prints and applies the LA4050E prints the shipping label based on the LPN number and applies it automatically.

Why you should choose an LPN track & trace system?

    1. Get real-time storage information
    2. Optimize order processing in the warehouse
    3. Reduce errors


LPN track & trace systems contribute to increased productivity and reduce costs, so what are you waiting for? Check which LPN label best suits your company’s needs on our website and let Weber advise you! We are happy to offer you any advice you need for free.