Weber 121 Wrap-Around Label Applicator

Weber’s versatile 121 provides a simple, cost-effective solution to low-volume wrap-around labeling that is as accurate and flexible as similar labeling systems used in larger-scale operations.  This labeling system features the fast and accurate positioning of full, overlap and partial-wraps of pressure-sensitive labels on cylindrical containers. Products up to 7″ in diameter and up to 12″ high easily can be accommodated using the system’s adjustable guide rails.


The brand-new Weber 121 system features a cost-efficient Alpha Compact labeling system mated with a wrap conveyor for a compact, easy-to-use solution for labeling bottles and other round straight-walled products.

This heavy-duty wrap-labeler can be inserted into your production line to give you consistent end-to-end labeling and better control over your production.

  • Applies label up to 6″ high x 12″ long
  • Stand-alone or add to a production line
  • Placement accuracy of 0.03″

If you are looking for a reliable, economical bottle-wrap labeling system that is easy to set up and simple to maintain, then check out the Weber 121.

Industries that use the Model 121:

  • Craft beer labeling
  • Medical and pharmaceutical container labeling
  • Food/Sauce bottle labeling
  • Cylindrical beverage & juice bottle labeling

Products are delivered to the Weber 121’s built-in Alpha Compact applicator head via a 7.75″-wide, 45″-long belt conveyor, which permits product transfers at both the entry and discharge ends. The unit is capable of a superb placement accuracy of 0.03″.

The Weber 121 can be integrated into existing production processes or operate as a manually-fed, stand-alone solution. During application, labels are peeled away from the liner and securely attached to products through the use of the wipe-on label applicator and a wrap station.

The unit also boasts robust steel construction that makes it ideal for lower-volume, intermittent labelling projects or for multiple-shift operations.


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