Legi-Air 4050M Label printer and dispenser

Weber Packaging Solutions presents the Legi-Air 4050 M – a printing dispenser with a novel control concept. The “M” correspondingly stands for master controller: “The central hub for data and process control”.


Master controller controls printing and dispensing

In one movement, the Legi-Air 4050 M automatically prints current data and dispenses labels. The compact system design simplifies mechanical integration into existing equipment. There are numerous standard applicators for applying the labels to products, packaging or trays, for example.

RFID labelling is already prepared in the system. In addition, several modes of operation are available for high-speed labelling, such as contactless application, e.g. “Blow-on” and “Tamp-blow”. Any labelling and installation positions are possible, making it easier to realise numerous individual solutions using this standard device.


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Available Documents

Legi-Air 4050M leaflet

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