Alpha Compact X1 Jet

The Alpha Compact Inkjet combines the proven and renowned Alpha series labelling system with the compact Markoprint inkjet printer.

This is where the Markoprint Thermo-Inkjet printer, with its new Alpha Compact Inkjet labelling solution, differs: this printer can be removed in a few operations and easily and conveniently installed at different packaging plants, such as blister machines, cartoners, tray packers, pillow bag machines, conveyors or similar units in the final packaging area.

Depending on equipment application, this leads to significantly reduced investment costs and creates multi-functionality. The Markoprint inkjet printer can of course also be integrated into almost any other label dispenser – even other brands – provided the technical prerequisites in terms of installation space are met.

The Alpha Compact Inkjet combines the proven and renowned Alpha series labelling system with the compact Markoprint inkjet printer. With the Alpha Compact Inkjet, variable information is printed, without physical contact, onto possibly pre-printed labels just before dispensing. No labels are wasted/lost when print data changes and previous data are automatically excluded when the product changes.

Place your bets on the Alpha Compact Inkjet with inkjet printer for quality and economy:

  • Printing of information such as text, shelf life, barcodes, 2D codes, graphics and logos
  • Inputting or amending Print Data is made quick and easy by either entering the data directly or remote input via PC
  • Up to 3 000 serializations per minute and 600 dpi resolution, using cartridge printing technology
  • Up to 90 m per minute printing speed at 300 dpi resolution
  • Integrated and automatic date functions with expiry calculator and serial numbers



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    Geset 141 Semi Automatic Label Dispenser

    The Geset 141 semi-automatic all-round labelling system is used for labelling small tins, bottles, jars etc. This solution was developed especially for companies requiring flexible labelling of small batches. Classical applications include the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry and the food and beverage sector.





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    Geset 125 Horizontal Labelling System

    The Geset 125 labelling system is used to label cylindrical products automatically. Depending on the type and dimension of the product, different label sizes are used. The products are fed manually or by a conveying system provided by the customer at an infeed passage of the labelling system. Care should be taken on accurate alignment of the products between the two freely mounted rollers of the roll conveyor. The side guide’s position the products flush with the outside edge of the roll conveyor.

    The roll conveyor feeds the products to the labeller. There the label is applied with the part running forward onto the product and it is pushed by rotation and the back pressure of the wrapping unit onto the product. The back pressure of the wrapping unit (the speed of the wrapping unit is twice as fast as the speed of the base conveyor) enables the product in rotation. The roll conveyor forwards the finished labelled products to the outfeed. Here the products are removed manually or by the customer’s conveying system.

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    Weber Alpha HSM Label Applicator

    Alpha HSM

    The Alpha HSM (High Speed Modular) is our new modular design that is based on various components that can be combined into the right system to meet your requirements.

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    Markoprint X1JET HP HandHold – Mobile Industrial InkJet Printer

    Markoprint X1Jet HP Handhold

    Markoprint X1Jet HP Handhold    –  A powerful mobile handheld inkjet printer for use in multiple locations The Markoprint X1JET HP HandHold inkjet printer is a versatile, mobile, industrial, small character inkjet printer for use in multiple locations. The mobile industrial inkjet printer is battery operated and will print high resolution text and images without being fixed to a…

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