Q: What does the charge indicator light mean?
A: Use the reference chart below:

Solid Red Charging in Progress
Green Charging Complete
Red Flash Slow Low Temperature or Battery is disconnected
Red Flash Fast High Temperature
Red/Orange Slow Low Voltage
Red/Orange Fast High Voltage
Orange Flash Slow Timeout
Orange Flash Fast Internal Error


Q: Why doesn’t the charge indicator light up?
A: The printer has very low battery voltage. The printer operates from the battery and the AC adapter only charges the battery. When the battery is lower than 5v the printer is off and is waiting for the trickle charger to bring up the voltage to over 5v. With a dead battery this could take 5-15 minutes. When the voltage reaches over 5v the printer turns on and sees that the charger is plugged in and that it needs to charge. Now the charge indicator will light blink indicating that the voltage is still to low for fast charging. When the voltage reaches about 6v the fast charge will start (Solid Red Indicator)

The printer has no program (Firmware) loaded. If the printer has no program loaded the only thing it can do is download firmware. If the AC adapter is plugged in with no program, it will always trickle charge the battery.
Q: How do I wakeup the printer?
A: You can wake the printer up by pressing the red button. You will here a beep that will indicate the printer is awake. This is helpful in determining if you have enough nulls in your application to wake the printer prior to sending live data.

Press the red button.
Q: How long does it take to charge the battery?
A: The 4t/4te can take 3-4 hours to charge a dead Li-Ion battery (3500 mahr).
Q: How do I print a self test?
A: Hold down the feed button or the ON/OFF button until the selftest starts to print out. You will have to hold the button for 4-5 seconds. This prints the current configuration of the printer.
Q: What do the beeps mean?
A: Use the reference chart below:

Beep(s)  Description  Action
1 Printer wakes up None
2 Out of paper Install paper
3 Low battery Charge battery
1-Short RF power is on (when blue, RF power button is pressed and power was turned off) None
2-Short RF power is off (when blue, RF power button is pressed and power was turned on) None
1-Long Boot code is starting or restarting (when downloading new firmware) Re-download firmware
8-Short CRC error in firmware Re-download firmware


Q: Why does the printer print out the EZ print code instead of positioning my data?
A: The printer is not in EZ print mode.  It needs to be woke up properly prior to sending data. Send 20 – 30 null characters before you EZ to ensure the printer is awake.  This will put the printer into EZ print mode and it will then understand the code you are sending and position your data correctly.