X4Jet Plus

With the new high performance Markoprint X4JET print controller, different inkjet printing technologies can be controlled either simultaneously or alternately. The intuitive input unit of the new high performance Markoprint X4JET plus print controller is a boost to operator convenience. All system parameters can be entered easily and quickly, to be stored and called up later.

Markoprint X4JET Plus


The Markoprint X4JET Plus targets not only the food & beverage industry, but also the pharmaceutical industry and system integrators to provide reliable, fast and flexible printing where its needed. Using MarkoPrint’s iDesign software, print layouts can be quickly and intuitively designed by anyone. With simultaneous 1:1 data transmission, high industry demands are satisfied. The number of conventional interfaces guarantees fast and smooth communication with higher level data systems. No batch processing or downloads necessary.

Datamatrix, MHD and batch marking can be applied to primary packaging and large barcodes, company logos and certification marks may be applied to secondary packaging. Because the Markoprint X4JET manages up to 3 000 serializations per minute, all this can be done fast. The compact control unit can also be conveniently integrated into existing conveying systems or into control cabinets.


Intelligent high-speed control system for demanding marking applications Three printing technologies can be controlled simultaneously.


        • Touch surface to operate the system easily


        • Parallel operation using a standard keypad and function keys


        • Networking possibilities using TCP/IP, USB and EIA232


        • Possible connection of HP, LX und MX print heads(individually or in combination)


        • Print available on two production lines


        • Simultaneous marking of primary and secondary packaging using a controller


        • Connection of up to 4 print heads


        • Stand-alone system with 2.7“ OLE display and iLogik input


        • Animated graphics for simple use


Adobe Reader is required to open and view PDF files. This can be downloaded free from adobe.com.

Available Documents

X4JET leaflet
Inkjet Coding Overview Brochure
Ink Guide 2015

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    Markoprint Shutter Printhead HP

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    An intelligent automatism prevents both cartridges from going empty at the same time. The first cartridge will always print two consecutive print jobs, taking turns with the second cartridge, which will only print one. This sophisticated automatism avoids both cartridges from running out at the same time. This will keep the ink from drying out in both cartridges. When the cartridge with the larger print volumes is empty, a warning will show, and the other cartridge will continue printing until it is replaced. The new cartridge will print the lower quantities to allow for you to replace the “older” cartridge. A sophisticated workflow that will boost your efficiency and productivity.

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