Laser Applicator: Alpha-Laser Label Applicator

The laser labeling solution comprises an Alpha label dispenser and a Solaris CO2 laser. The Alpha-Laser writes variable additional information such as best before dates, graphics or logistics data on pre-printed labels immediately before application.

Cost-effective and reliable labeling

The compact Alpha-Laser labels reliably and cost-effectively especially where large batches are processed and must be traced. This technology is ideally suited especially for harsh environments since the laser, as the printing unit, is considered virtually non-wearing compared to conventional printing methods.

The laser has a significantly longer service life by comparison and guarantees significantly higher availability, with no consumables or pressure bars. It ensures uninterrupted production. The laser writes all information – also batch and lot numbers – on any part of the label, with or across the direction of travel. The laser can write in black on laser-activable labels with a special finishing coat. No decomposition products are created and the labels are not damaged. The print is smear- and scratch-resistant.

The advantages of the Alpha-Laser in a nutshell:

  • Any type of label made of paper or foil or foil-laminated material can be used
  • Printing on a coating that can be activated exclusively by laser
  • Printing of information in pre-printed color fields
  • Writes codes and graphics
  • No consumables
  • Low maintenance
  • Smear- and scratch-proof marking
  • High marking speeds
  • High process reliability and low running costs.

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